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Shelby County Museum Artifacts to be Featured on the Discovery Channel

From the Shelby County Museum & Archives Facebook page:

“So excited! I was contacted by the Discovery Channel earlier this week. They were asking for images of the museum’s collection of knuckle duster trench knives. They read a blog post on the museum’s web page (post written by former University of Montevallo intern Darren Denney). We snapped some pics and sent them off to be used on episode three of their show ‘Master of Arms.’ The series is on production, so no specific date yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Here is a press release about the show from the Discovery Channel website:



April 9, 2018

Over the course of history, skilled craftsmen helped shape the fate of mankind by constructing the most iconic weaponry known to man. Discovery Channel is bringing weapons of the past to life in the ultimate historical weapons building competition, MASTER OF ARMS (w/t). Inspired by age-old traditions, the all-new series brings today’s best weapons smiths together to battle it out head to head, building the armaments that changed the course of history.

Centuries ago, the greatest empires leaned on the backs of weapon craftsmen to create the blades, bows, and bullets that would win wars and alter history forever. Now, modern master smiths will put their technical knowledge and ingenuity to the test giving insight into age-old building techniques—and the traditions, methods and craftsmanship that define them.

Each episode, three builders face-off in two historical challenges that call upon era-specific weaponry, from the firearms of the frontier to the blades of the Vikings. A former Army Special Operations Sniper will determine each weapon’s velocity, accuracy, and durability in the armory and in the field, and a panel of expert Judges will score each build. With an elimination after each challenge, each week, only one weapon smith walks away with $10,000 and the title of ‘Master of Arms.'”


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