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“Three Hearts One Mission” Places Free Library & Pantry Boxes Around Columbiana

From Facebook:

“We have been sooo busy here lately trying to FINALLY get things going with our Little Food Pantries & Little Libraries . . . Drum roll please….. OUR BOXES ARE UP!!! We have 5 total in Columbiana (3 food pantries & 2 little libraries) & then we currently have 2 in Clanton!!! We have shopped & stocked all pantries with our stock pile as well as generous help from our surrounding citizens of Columbiana. Thank you sooo much to those that have contributed food, books & monetary donations. We are so excited to have these up & finally available.

Just for a little recap as to who we are & what we’re doing: Three Hearts One Mission is a non-profit organization based out of Shelby County, Alabama. Three Hearts started when three great friends decided to make a positive impact on their community. The founding members of Three Hearts, Rachel, Heather & Julie, saw a need in the community to increase food supply to help feed the hungry and to help provide better access to books. Since starting Three Hearts One Mission, we three best friends realize there are more needs in the area that reach beyond our initial projects. New projects, missions, population bases, and ideas have been added since the formation of this nonprofit organization. Stay tuned for future updates and events in our community, as well as surrounding areas.”

Anyone is free to borrow books and take food as needed and to donate food and books if able. Here are the 5 boxes and locations around Columbiana:

1. “Little Library” box next to the book return boxes outside the Columbiana Public Library (take a book and/or donate a book!)


2. “Little Library” box near the benches on the corner of Main Street (next to the round-about).


3. “Little Pantry” next to the Senior Center.


4. “Little Pantry” next to the Columbiana Rec Center.


5. “Little Pantry” near the courthouse parking lot (right next to the big Courthouse Parking sign).



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